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Many of your golf partners may inquire about the Clear  ball, its construction, its quality and why it is both the best performing and most expensive golf ball.  The answer begins at the core.  Clear’s proprietary core is the engine of the golf ball, producing the highest C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) of any performance golf ball on the market.  The higher C.O.R. translates to greater speed of the ball at impact.  Greater speed generates longer distance.

Clear  technology extends from the core to the cover.  It is widely known that the best performance golf balls in the world are covered in Urethane, the most durable and soft golf ball cover available.  The Clear ball is manufactured with a cast thermoset Urethane process, a superior process that is selectively used by the market leaders in performance golf balls.  However, only the Clear  ball combines Clear‘s proprietary core technology with a premium cast thermoset Urethane cover to provide a winning combination of distance, spin, control and feel.

When you put a Clear  ball in play, you can be assured that there is no player, not even the best player in the world, playing a better golf ball.