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Ball Fitting

Many golf ball manufacturers tout the benefits of ball fitting by postulating that a player will hit the ball farther if the player matches their swing speed to the proper ball. This premise is false. In general, the harder the ball, the further it will go. A player with a slower swing speed will not get more distance by teeing up a ball with a lower compression.

If your singular priority is to hit the ball as far as you can, you should select the hardest ball in your bag. However, the lower handicap golfer generally has a longer list of priorities including feel, spin and control, as well as distance. Golf balls that are hard tend to be more difficult to maneuver and tougher to control with both irons and wedges.

Contrary to what you may hear from major manufacturers, the choice of the best ball to suit your game is not difficult and complex. If distance is your main priority, you should choose the hardest performance ball that you can play with comfortably. If feel is your main priority, you should select the softest ball that does not sacrifice too much distance. The choice is that simple.

Clear produces two different performance balls to best suit your game and your priorities:

newred120s.pngClear Red – a softer 3-piece premium golf ball
newblack120s.pngClear Black – a firmer 4-piece premium golf ball